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Welcome to my First Blog Post!

I used to blog back in the day then quit!  I actually miss it.  Its a lot of work I find but its amazing to do!

Want to know a bit about me and why I started my business?
Okay then!

I started my business way back now in 2008.  I actually thought of it in 2007!  6 months before I started all I did was research, research, research!!!!  Back then there wasn't tons of recipes online and hardly any groups on facebook for bath + body you basically had to be super creative and come up with stuff on your own.  

I have always been a bath and body addict.  My fave shop to spend my cheques was The Body Shop (I still shop there here and there!).  I also liked Lush but only their Bubble Bars - Rockstar anyone?

When I started my business I was scared, not going to lie.  I had never done something like this before.  Thankfully I have a whole line of family who own or have owned their business.  So I had a lot of people to look up too and had a lot of people to ask questions!!!

My husband is the one that pushed me to bring my passion to life!  Here I am today!  10yrs later!  Still here.

I have built my business on communication.  I have always been able to make friends easy which is a bonus in running a business.  I have even became life long friends with some of my clients.  I love meeting new people!

I am a Word of Mouth business and I am still a Small business and I always will be.  I love knowing my clients, remembering what products they love and what they don't.  Hearing about how new clients found or heard about me is pretty cool too!

So that pretty much sums up my business.

I originally am from Smithers, BC.  I am a country girl at heart, living in the city. 
I reside in Abbotsford (east), BC, Canada. 

With that I have completed my first blog post!  

I will be back with more including fun recipes for kids (and adults of course), life stuff (recipes, DIY projects) and more fun stuff!

Heather @ Sweet Body Treats