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Body Butter

Body Butter

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Body Butter is BACK!  I snoozed on making it this summer as I was busy with other products but it is back for my Fall/Winter line up wahoo!

My butters are made with the best ingredients for your skin!  Got dry skin in the colder months?  This will help.  Want to apply after a shower or bath instead of lotion?  I got your back.  Want a product that isn't greasy?  Here I am.  Whatever your decision is to use Body Butter I can help

All my scents I use in my products are Phthalate Free including the Essential Oils
My butters are also free of colour as it isn't really needed in these.  Looks pretty but it is unnecessary

I offer a few different scents sure to make you all happy :)
Like always please do a test patch on your cheek before applying to whole face.  The skin on our face is so much different than the skin on the rest of our bodies.  I can use almost all my fragrances including essential oils on my face but some I react to differently which results in not being able to put on my face so please test first!

FULL ingredients list available upon request!
Each butter comes in a 2oz Glass Jar