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Charcoal Face + Body

Charcoal Face + Body

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 My soaps contain Activated Charcoal + Essential Oils beneficial to your skin

Great for all skin types especially Oily/Acne

My skin type is Dry/Sensitive and I use these on my face.  I do have to apply a moisturizer after {like my Hemp Lotion} but they clean my skin great!

Here are some of the ingredients:

Activated Charcoal:  It is fantastic for oily skin.  It's ability to absorb oil and dirt from pores leaves skin feeling balanced.

Grapefruit + Lime Essential Oils:  Antiseptic and Disinfectant

Shea Butter:  Reduces Inflammation.  Rich in Vitamins A, E + F.  It is skin smoothing and moisturizing.

Great for teens too!

Full ingredients list available

5oz in size