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Face + Body Soap

Face + Body Soap

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Say hello to my new Face + Body soap!  Decided to make these for anyone who has Oily and/or Acne Skin Types.

Tge combo of essential oils along with the ingredients help fight against Acne

My teenage son started using a similar bar last year and loves it.  He suffers from acne mostly on his forehead and these bars have helped keep it at bay

We have basically tried everything for it whether it was oils, creams, 6 step process you name it we have tried it nothing worked until this soap

He uses this bar in the shower on his face but it’s formulated for use on your body also

He follows it with my Clear Lemon Lavender Body Butter (which he has been using for 2 weeks now) then uses a roll on with essential oils and finishes it off with a face toner.  I will have the roll ons + toner available soon

FULL ingredients list available upon request