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Face + Body Oils
Face + Body Oils

Face + Body Oils

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I now carry TWO Face + Body Oils!  Please read below for more info:

My Oil for Dry/Sensitive skin helps lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and fresh.  I don't even need to add lotion after applying this oil.  I use it on my Face, Hands and Legs.  Sometimes I even add it into my dry hair for extra shine.  It is loaded with Calendula Oil which helps soothe dry skin and a blend of Essential Oils such as Lavender + Roman Chamomile.  

My newest is my Hemp + Frankincense Oil.  I was asked if I could create a product for someone with Mature skin (wrinkles/fine lines).  I have always enjoyed working with Hemp oil.  It is great for certain skin conditions such as eczema, wrinkles, acne scars, reduces inflammation and moisturizes.  Those are just a few benefits and with added Frankincense it helps to do the same!  

Each comes in a 2oz glass bottle with a Treatment style pump top

Full ingredients list available upon request and as always will be on the label