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Hair Masks

Hair Masks

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I was asked to make a Hair Mask for Dry Hair so jumped on that because who doesn't love silky bouncy locks with no dry split ends?  

My formula is created from natural butters, carrier oils and Essential oils that all work together to help Dry hair.  You can use my Hair Masks twice a week.

To use on wet hair simply add the mask to your roots and ends and wherever else you experience dry hair.  Leave on for at least 10mins up to 20mins, run warm water over and Shampoo + Condition.  You can also use it on dry hair but not too much no one likes greasy hair!  If you want to do a full head mask you can do that also!

My Masks come in 4oz Jars and last up to a year, they are also preservative free and dye free

Full ingredients list upon request

*Can not ship in hot temps 30C+ as product will melt