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Hemp Body Lotion
Hemp Body Lotion

Hemp Body Lotion

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Over the years I have made this wonderful Body Lotion and then stopped but it's back and staying.  I love this Hemp Lotion because it is non greasy.  No one likes a lotion that doesn't absorb into skin.  

It is made with skin loving ingredients such as Hemp, Coconut and Avocado all so good for your skin when it comes to moisturizing.  I offer Lavender and Unscented right now.
Safe to use on your whole body, make sure you always do a test patch on your cheek first before using on your whole face to rule out any allergic or irritation.  Our faces are more sensitive than the rest of our body.

Great for Dry, Itchy, Irritated, Sensitive, Sunburnt, Normal skin Types

I offer my Hemp Body Lotions in 3 sizes
2oz, 4oz and 8oz.  The smaller sizes come with disc caps and the 8oz with a pump, I also include a disc cap