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Liquid Hand Soap
Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap

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Yes it is back!  I used to make this back in the day but then Foaming Hand soap had gotten so popular I started making that which then turned into just making it for Lash Techs and I stopped making it for all my customers!

I have decided to go back to Pump style instead of Foaming as I just like it way better and there are more Bottle varieties than with Foaming and I think it lasts longer

Our Liquid Hand Soap recipe is made with pure ingredients including Essential Oils and/or Body Safe Phthalate Free Fragrances and zero colours.  It is also SLS + Paraben Free

You can feel safe using this Hand Soap for your whole family

I sell them in 16oz Glass Bottles which are way better for the environment and great for keeping for yourself once done for many things

Full ingredients list available upon request