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Square Bath bombs are BACK!

I have been making these squares for about 5yrs now.  They to me are still the new Rounds and much more fun to make.  I started out making Unscented Oatmeal coconut ones and then added in scented ones such as Oatmeal Milk+Honey which is one of the top classic scents out there.  A couple years ago I was asked to make Eggnog ones at Christmas time and they were a huge hit and another person asked for Coconut scented ones.  So now I make all of those.

These bath bombs have the same base ingredients as my Donuts but they do not contain any colour and I use oatmeal and cocoa butter to give you the ultimate bathing enjoyment!  Great for all ages which makes them even more better.  They are very soothing and great for your skin

Oatmeal Milk+Honey

Squares are 5oz in size