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Surfboard Bath Bombs

Surfboard Bath Bombs

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So I was going to save these for the New Year but had some extra time this week so decided to start them now.

HOW cute are these Surfboards? 
I hand painted them and they look so much better.  It took me 3hrs to paint 23 bath bombs so yes the price is more than non painted donuts.

Each board is 4.15oz in size so a bit smaller than my regular donut bath bombs.
Safe for all (not babies of course)
Inside I have added coloured it will definatly be a fun bath!
My bombs do include Milk Powder.  In the New Year I will be making vegan ones, just couldn't get any Coconut Milk Powder this year.  They will have their own tab.

Ingredients can be found on my labels or if you want to know them before you buy please message me.