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Sweet Dreams Calming Spray

Sweet Dreams Calming Spray

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Made this product with my youngest in mind.  He says he always has nightmares but really I just think he likes our bed better.

I told him I used to make a Roll On called Sweet Dreams does he want me to make a spray instead? He said yes! So here it is Sweet Dreams Calming Spray 💕

I have used Lavender Orange for the scent which are both great and safe for kids

Lavender: dispels anxiety, relaxes nervous system + muscles, sleep aid
Sweet Orange: sleep aid, relieves anxiety + depression, uplifting

Just give it a little shake, spray onto pillows, bedding and around the room so your little's can get a good night sleep 😴

I also use it as a body spray and I carry it in my purse!  

Full ingredients list available upon request