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Bath Bombs - Toy Surprises
Bath Bombs - Toy Surprises

Bath Bombs - Toy Surprises

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These bath bombs are all sorts of FUN!  I was asked by a customer winter of 2020 if I made bombs with toys in them.  At the time I did not but decided too.  They were a huge hit so decided to keep them on my line up of bombs

My Bath Bombs are made with non toxic ingredients.  The colours I use are Water Soluble and do NOT stain your tub no matter how much colour is used in the bombs.  I use BODY SAFE Fragrance

Each Bomb will be labeled with all the ingredients and mention the toy in there also.  NOT for kids 3 and under or any kid older that still puts toys in their mouth.

My bombs are fun for the whole family!  They are not for babies.

I do use Whole Milk Power in these bombs.  I will be creating a Vegan Bomb line that uses Coconut Milk shortly

For a full ingredients list please message me prior to purchasing thank you!