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Unicorn Bath Bombs

Unicorn Bath Bombs

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Unicorns!  Yes Unicorn Bath Bombs!  How sweet are these?  Perfect for your little girl or boy or for yourself!

My Unicorn Bombs are made with the same wonderful ingredients as all my other ones.  They do contain Milk Powder, I have made them without and they just aren't the same so added it back in for skin nourishing properties 

They also contain SLSA which is the non harmful version to SLS = that one is the bad one

I do not use Corn Starch or Cream of Tartar in my Bath Bombs I find they do nothing special.  I do use Kaolin Clay and Arrowroot Powder

My Fragrances are Phthalate FREE and are Body Safe
My Colours are Water Soluble and wash down the drain once your done your bath.  

For a foamier bath you can hold the bomb in your hand for 10 seconds each time, make sure the bomb is half above and half below the water.  If you hold onto the bomb to long the color may transfer to your skin, don't worry you can wash off with warm soapy water.  

Each Unicorn is 3.75oz in size